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Category: GeekPortland
Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 7:00 PM

The Great Depression and the Creation of the Bonneville Power Administration
An Evening with Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian David Kennedy

First Congregational Church
1126 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205

Admission: $15.00, or $10.00 for OHS members
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On August 20, 1937, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Bonneville Project Act to deliver the massive benefits of Columbia River hydropower — clean, inexpensive electricity — to citizens of the Pacific Northwest. That legislation would also play a key role in lifting Oregon and the Pacific Northwest out of the Great Depression and in the Allied victory in World War II.

Seventy-five years later, the Northwest economy has expanded a thousand times over, and people use electricity to power gadgets that no one would have dreamed of back in the '30s. What hasn't changed is the source of our power — the mighty carbon-free waters of the Columbia.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bonneville Power Administration, Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Kennedy will discuss the Great Depression, and how, through legislation like the Bonneville Project Act, President Franklin Roosevelt transformed the United States. Kennedy is a professor of History at Stanford University, and his scholarship is notable for its integration of economic analysis with social history and political history. He is the author of over 10 books including Over Here: The First World War and American Society and his Pulitzer Prize winner Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945.

Learn more about the Bonneville Power Administration and how the Columbia River’s power has transformed our nation in this video:

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