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Category: GeekPortland
Date: Saturday, February 4, 2012 - 2:00 PM

The North Plan with the PDX Browncoats

Admission: $30.00
*To join the Browncoats seating block, you must RSVP on their facebook event*

Gerding Theater at the Armory
128 NW 11th Ave
Portland OR 97209

For their February shindig, the PDX Browncoats are going to take in an afternoon at Portland Center Stage for a matinee theater performance!

“But I thought theater was just for those rich and fanciful folks?”

Not so! The show they are seeing is called “The North Plan” and has in its cast one Fredric Lehne, who played Rance Burgess in the Firefly episode “Heart of Gold”. In The North Plan, Mr Lehne plays the role of another villian, Dale Pittman.

But what is “The North Plan” all about?

After a ruthless cabal seizes power in Washington, Carlton Berg, a bureaucrat for the State Department, runs off with the new regime’s top secret Enemies List. Unfortunately for Carlton, the chase has come to an end in a police station in the Ozark town of Lodus. With a pair of DHS agents on the way, Carlton’s last chance is in the people around him: an unsympathetic police chief, an ambivalent administrative assistant, and fellow prisoner Tanya Shepke, motor-mouthed recidivist and alcohol enthusiast, who appears to have an attention-deficit disorder and thinks Skynyrd should be on the new money. Let the revolution begin.

For full details and to sign up for a seat with PDX Browncoats, visit the Facebook Event.

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